Energy Management

Making energy efficiency into a strategic priority.

Improve profitability by reducing energy consumption

Being involved in the entire life-cycle of buildings, we have developed a few strong convictions about energy efficiency: it should call for a 360° approach; it requires a deep understanding of all building services; independence is strength. We provide our customers with independent energy efficiency services that aim at minimizing energy and water usage. 

Our approach in energy management is based on three fundamentals: maximizing energy saving potential through comprehensive energy audits, retrofitting of building services, and implementation of Energy Management Systems which helps our client have a better visibility for a better control.

Comprehensive energy audits

Coping with the design and construction of high-performance buildings combined with the use of advanced engineering tools helped us acquire distinctive expertise in the field of energy audits. We offer an “all-inclusive” approach that boosts energy and water saving potential starting with no or low capital cost recommendations such as re-commissioning. Moreover, we are neutral with respect to any equipment manufacturer and therefore can choose the most appropriate solutions and materials to optimise the performance of our clients’ facilities. 
In 2013, the Marriott SkyCity Hotel, located in Hong Kong, appointed BYME to conduct a comprehensive energy audit. This audit aimed at investigating the energy performance of the 658-room hotel, and providing the Board of Directors with a list of Energy Saving Opportunities. They will help meet the target of lowering facility energy consumption by 25% by 2017, as set out by the Marriott Environmental Initiative.


Energy Management System (Hypervision)

Imagined and developed by Bouygues Construction, Hypervision is a web-based software package that provides a precise analysis of energy and water consumption, user comfort and availability of equipments. It helps our customers better monitor their consumption, identify energy saving opportunities, take corrective actions, and measure progress.
By aggregating data from all components of a building through a single access point, Hypervision is accessible via a dedicated web-portal which allows you to: 
  • analyze finely consolidated energy and fluids consumption, 
  • quickly identify potential savings, 
  • be alerted in case of overuse or leak, 
  • measure the comfort of your occupants, 
  • measure equipment availability.


Retrofit of building services

Retrofitting aims at optimizing and modernizing facilities by introducing proven improvements that lower operating costs: 
  • strengthening insulation,
  • retrofitting heating equipments,
  • implementing of thermostats,
  • tuning up heating and cooling (HVAC) systems,
  • switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs and/or LED light bulbs,
  • choosing appliances with low energy consumption. 
Simultaneously, it seeks to improve indoor environments and cushion the impact on the outdoor environment. We help you set your energy efficiency target, select your cost-saving options and implement energy efficiency solutions according to your budget.