MEP contracting

 Optimizing your project value by delivering
turnkey solutions.

Design & construction of cost effective, energy efficient and innovative MEP packages

Since our company was set up, we have never lost sight of our mission: to deliver MEP packages for large size, fast track and complex buildings, mission critical facilities, infrastructure projects, and living spaces that blend seamlessly into the culture and environment of the country in which they are located.
BYME is experienced in all MEP trades including electrical, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, fire services, plumbing and drainage, building management and extra-low voltage systems. We have the resources and know-how to complete the most technically demanding building projects of any type and size.
Furthermore, we have a track record of successful landmark infrastructure projects including rail, road and utility tunnels, mass transit stations, bridges and viaducts, for which we are recognised as experts in specialised trades such as environment control systems, tunnel ventilation systems, central monitoring and control systems and SCADA.

We harness every ounce of our knowledge and creativity to best meet the needs of each client. Our renowned local expertise and strong international technical support are at the very heart of our success. In each country where we operate, our cost engineering and design management teams, our knowledge of the local context, local and global procurement networks, and production experts enable us to define the optimal price, technical solutions and planning that ensure a flawless project delivery. 
Our mission: to build sustainably for our customers. Our commitment: to help them throughout the design of their projects. Consultation and respect lead us in our daily work, whether in our relationships with our clients, our sub-contractors, our suppliers or with local residents. Our single goal: optimizing our customers’ project value by delivering turnkey solutions. 

Cruise Terminal Building

BYME was appointed as the design & build M&E contractor for the Kai Tak Cruise terminal building project. Operational since 2013, the terminal has the capacity to accommodate two 4,500-passenger superliner cruise ships at the same time.

The facility, designed to comply with the Hong Kong BEAM Platinum certification, is a model in terms of sustainable construction. It features many innovative systems for energy conservation and is powered by renewable energy, while irrigation and watering are provided by rainwater and condensate recovered from the air-conditioning system.

The project’s gross floor area exceeds 72,000 sqm and incorporates as many as eight 210 to 370 kW heat pumps, 50 PAU/AHU, 500 FCU, 10 transformers totalling 15 MVA, 4 generators totalling 6 MVA with 8,200 L fuel tanks, 10,000 CCMS points and 600 energy meters, 25,000 sprinkler heads and 3,800 automatic fire alarm devices. BIM technology was used to coordinate the heavy M&E package and related networks in order to visualize the project at the earliest stage and quickly identify design issues if any.