Ashgabat Exhibition Hall

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BYME Turkmenistan Has Built An Exceptional Roof

M&E system have been installed before lifting the roof


The new exhibition hall project in Turkmenistan is huge, size is much larger than a football field.  Taking benefit of the construction method that allowed prefabrication and assembly of the roof steel structure at grade and erected in final position in 2 parts using heavy lifting method, BYME TK worked in parallel with the steel structure workers to install all M&E components attached to the roof before its lifting.  The first part of the roof was lifted after 2 months, while the second one was done only in five weeks,  due to uncertain outside temperature (-20oc) with implementation of night shifts.

Key figures:
HVAC data:  120 tons of duct channels, 3km of sprinkler pipe
Electrical:  6,500 ml cable tray, 18km cable
Illumination is mounted on the rails providing flexibility of lighting under the various configurations of the hall.

Congratulations to all the team!!

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