Saving time by anticipating design problems.

An ambitious use of BIM in the MEP industry

We are an acknowledged forerunner in the use of Building Information Modelling. We have been fine-tuning our expertise with regard to this technology since 2009 for various projects in Qatar, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam. In 2010, BYME was awarded the “Best Collaboration Team” by Singapore’s Building and Construction Authority. We are today one of its official trainers.

We are able to develop a complete project design using the latest BIM software programmes, e.g. Revit and Naviswork. We build a 3D model for each MEP trade by taking into consideration architectural and structural models. 

All BIM models are fully integrated into one workset for synchronisation purposes. The detection and clearance of potential clashes is then performed. Once the coordination is complete, shop drawings are issued from the 3D models, followed by as-built drawings.

BIM helps visualize the project at an early stage and quickly identify design issues if any. Also, it can easily and swiftly compare different design options, enabling the development of more efficient, cost-effective and sustainable solutions. It finally helps identify maintenance issues, which is crucial for the operational teams to understand M&E systems.

Innovation & competitiveness

At BYME, we believe that it is our duty to initiate innovative projects that meet the challenges of 21st century construction. The aggressive Research and Development policy of our mother company Bouygues Construction allows us to design and implement cutting-edge technological systems and to offer our clients differentiating solutions.

Today we are at the forefront of the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM). This high added-value expertise guarantees optimum efficiency and productivity. In partnership with the best research laboratories, Bouygues Construction and BYME are also working on concepts that will soon be part of your daily life: green energy solutions, digital modelling, augmented reality, exoskeletons. Bouygues Batiment International greatest challenge? Successfully creating Callisto, a completely virtual room based on 3D modelling in which our clients can visualize - in three dimensions and down to the smallest details - the rooms of their future buildings.