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Our heritage:

a diversied industrial group

Created in 1952, Bouygues is a diversified French industrial group. Present in over 80 countries, it employs more than 133,800 staff. Its businesses are construction, telecoms and media.

Bouygues is also the principal shareholder of Alstom. Across more than 70 countries, some 92,800 Alstom staff apply their expertise in 3 areas of activity: Power, Transport and Grid.


With a stable shareholder base, a strong and original business culture, a market position that offers long term development potential and a very healthy financial structure, Bouygues has recorded solid performance figures over the last ten years.


32.3 billion Euros
in 2015


Breakdown of turnover

contenu groupe

Bouygues Construction, one of the world's leading construction companies

Since its creation in 1952, the Bouygues Group’s core business has been construction. Bouygues Construction is now a world player in the areas of construction, civil works, energy and services. With presence on 5 continents, its expertise is recognised at all stages of the project, over the whole project value chain: financing, design, construction, operation and maintenance.

In all of its activities, in France and abroad, the parent company, Bouygues Bâtiment International, applies its know-how to global contracts, allowing it to provide a high level of added value.

For all types of project, sustainable construction has proven itself to be a differentiating factor in bids, with just one objective: client satisfaction.

Bouygues Construction takes its social and societal responsibility most seriously and is contributing towards the emergence of a new relationship between business and civil society. The 55,000 members of Bouygues Construction staff are respected partners in all projects undertaken, from the smallest to the most ambitious, with two key watchwords: professionalism and enthusiasm.

billion euros turnover
of orders intake abroad
of the R&D budget devoted to
sustainable construction


Orders intake by geographical area