Build a sustainable world

Offering a concrete response to the challenges of sustainable development.

Paving the way for a resource-efficient green building environment

Buildings are responsible for 40% of global energy use, 25% of water use and 1/3rd of all greenhouse gas emissions (United Nations Environment Programme, Sustainable Buildings and Climate Initiative). The absolute figure is rising at a fast pace, driven by several adverse megatrends: population growth, urbanisation and economic development in emerging countries and the aging of the building stock in developed countries, combined with further growth in the use of services and appliances.

Mechanical and electrical systems have a great impact on the building sector’s consumption of resources and subsequent global effects. 

At BYME, we believe that sustainable “green” buildings represent a huge opportunity that brings not only environmental but also economic and social benefits. 

This is why we strive to design, construct, renovate and maintain MEP packages aimed at minimizing their environmental footprint over the building’s entire life cycle, while taking into account cost and comfort considerations. Our expertise in green solutions is acknowledged by the different certifications which have been awarded to our projects (HK Civil Aviation Headquarters, Bouygues Tukmen Headquarters, Tampines Grande...)

➢ Bouygues Turkmen HQ

The new head office of Bouygues Turkmen delivered in 2011 is a landmark project in terms of sustainability: it has achieved LEED Gold certification, therefore becoming the “greenest” building in Turkmenistan.

This new head office covers a total surface area of 7,044 m² over five levels. One of its most striking features is its cutting-edge architecture, and in particular its façade, composed of alternating sections of glass and marble. A double wall, incorporating a space for trees and shrubs to grow, limits the impact of the sun and allows the complete integration of the construction within its environment.

Various different systems for improved energy performance have also been used: highly efficient façades, intelligent lighting and green roofs on top of the plant rooms, energy-saving bathroom fittings, a reversible heat pump for heating and air-conditioning, the use of "green" materials. Thanks to these devices, the project scored 66 points on the LEED scale, and reached the Gold level of certification.