We are proud to be part of the community by participating in social and societal initiatives.

Our approach to corporate social responsibility

Our role as a business goes hand in hand with a commitment to acting like a proactive and responsible citizen within the communities around us. A set of common values binds us all together: we agree that we need to safeguard the environment, support the destitute, promote education for all, be proactive with respect to sanitary and health measures, favour all forms of diversity, embrace our differences as factors that make a significant contribution to our Group.

At BYME, we are proud to be part of the community by participating in social and societal initiatives. These initiatives can take various forms: BYME Singapore for instance supports the MINDS association, which provides care and activities for mentally disabled children, while

BYME Hong Kong teams organise blood donations in partnership with local hospitals, and volunteers from BYME Turkmenistan took part in a large-scale tree planting operation on a site in Ashgabat to the benefit of the people living there.  

Team spirit, diversity and solidarity are deeply rooted within us, in our values and in our behaviour. From Hong Kong to Ashgabat, from Singapore to Doha, from Miami to Accra, our staff members are the key players in our social and societal policy, through their day-to-day work and their personal commitment to a cause. Thanks to them, we are working closely with the community around us.

BYME Singapore Wellness Committee

Set up in 2010 to support BYME employees’ well-being and team spirit at work, the BYME Singapore Wellness Committee organises a variety of cultural events every year. These social get-togethers give company employees an exciting chance to have fun and relax together, while introducing their local traditions and culture – the young team of BYME Singapore counts nationals from 11 different countries.

For the 2012 Chinese New Year, for example, 140 employees attended a cultural dinner at the Yan Palace Restaurant, where they had a lot of fun exchanging New Year’s greetings over a plate of Lao Yu Sheng, a traditional dish and symbol of prosperity.