Full MEP package

We securely deliver full MEP packages.

Our strength: a hands-on approach right down to the finest detail

BYME can claim to have a direct link with all building services, their practices, their materials and their tools. HVAC, high voltage, low and extra low voltage, fire protection, plumbing, sanitary and gas systems: we integrate both the mechanical and electrical systems into one. Our motto: reliability and efficiency.

We deliver projects on time and our expertise in terms of ensuring they are finished to a high standard is widely acknowledged. Meticulous scheduling and preparation supported by an extensive use of prefabrication techniques are some of the ways we improve productivity and quality. 

A large amount of work on site is carried out in-house by our own teams to improve competiveness. Throughout the project, we adopt a strong partnering approach with our customers and other stakeholders involved in the project, ensuring smooth integration of all MEP packages with the other works.

We just don’t settle for “managing contracts”, we “execute”. We are “constructors” rather than “contractors”. The difference here is an important one. It’s a genuine entrepreneurial philosophy, one of strength that enables us to stand out from the pack.


Prefabrication is a key issue to optimise production ratio, control timeframe and improve quality of the end product. It is one of the main assets of our competitiveness. In all BYME entities, prefabrication yards are organised to produce ducting, piping, special support and fittings that will be used on our projects.

Everywhere, BIM processes are used to produce prefabrication drawings, thus guaranteeing the best products to our clients.

In all our business units, in Turkmenistan, in Hong Kong, in Macao, in Singapore next to the SportsHub or in Doha next to QP District, our experts take in charge the prefabrication of complex Mechanical & Electrical products.