City services: shaping
a better life.

Innovative solutions that optimise your operational costs

The city of tomorrow will have to associate a high quality of life, many neighbourhood services and have a low carbon footprint. In partnership with its sister company Bouygues Energies & Services, BYME is contributing to this goal by rolling out solutions to make safer, more communicated and sustainable cities.
Cities and population clusters are one of the highest energy consumers because of their property heritage but also because of their infrastructures, necessary for life and attractiveness of public venues: public lighting, lightscaping, signs and safety equipment, digital networks, etc.

BYME and Bouygues Energies & Services, as leading players in city services, are a benchmark in these fields. A growing part of these services now concerns: lower energy consumption, preservation of the environment, promotion of local and sustainable sources of energy, development of eco-neighbourhoods and smart cities.
We are proud to have a long term vision, necessary to accompany our customers, in particular in their energy management. Our goal? To allow cities to make their infrastructures more reliable, more modern and performant whilst consuming less energy and taking their budgetary constraints into account.

Citybox in Singapore

Citybox has been selected by the Singapore’s Land Transportation Authority (LTA) to conduct a trial in the city-state. The remote street lighting management system has been rolled out in the eastern area over four kilometres of main roads. It has been generating energy savings of 22% thanks to the following functions:

  • Fault detection: identification of different type of faults, detection of genuine faults versus false alarms, location of faults, date and time stamp;
  • Fault notification: notification to central server, notification to client’s term contractor/staff;
  • Fault reporting: automated generation of fault reports;
  • Remote control: ability to remotely switch On/Off OG boxes and street lights, ability to group the OG boxes into clusters as required by the customer;
  • Power metering: ability to capture the power consumption of at street light and OG box level;
  • Adaptive lighting: ability to adjust the lighting output to optimise the energy consumption