Making M&E services central to the project,
for enhanced performance and efficiency.

Addressing the needs, requirements and usages of today's buildings

BYME International is Bouygues Bâtiment International's specialist Building Services subsidiary. It covers all areas of expertise (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Low Voltage) and guarantees an efficient, global service offer. True to the values underpinning the Bouygues Group, BYME International is a key player in the design and delivery of construction projects (buildings, service facilities, transport infrastructures) that are more energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

BYME International and its network of subsidiaries develop efficient project execution methods and prepare the future, via innovative technical solutions.

In Hong Kong, the traditional home of our business, BYME Hong Kong is a long-established company operating in both the building and transport infrastructure sectors:
In Singapore, BYME Singapore has a research and expertise division that has built up solid experience in the field of digital models. 
In Asia and the Middle East, BYME teams have demonstrated their know-how in the field of self-production and all building services: this builder's spirit is a guarantee of uncompromising quality.

An expert at your side

BYME International offers of wide range of expertises, embodied by its 726 staff and acknowledged by its clients. What we guarantee:

  • an international culture and experience in complex major projects, with a high level of added value;
  • the capacity to operate anywhere in the world, adapting to local working methods;
  • regional subsidiaries in close touch with the needs of their customers and markets, working together as a network;
  • technical and commercial synergies with Bouygues Energies and Services, the recognised French leader in the energies and services sector;
  • a guarantee that every step of your project will be fully controlled, thanks to our teams of specialists (design office, site supervisors, skilled workers, engineers);
  • a network of buyers, based in China, the Middle East, Europe and South America, who identify innovative, competitively-priced products that match your requirements.