QP District

QP District

Doha, Quatar

Located in the new West Bay business area of the capital, Doha, the QP

District is a gigantic commercial-development project covering around 7 hectares. The project consists of a 7-level podium accommodating entrance lobbies, shared facilities in a two-storey enclosed atrium ensuring a comfortable indoor environment, MEP spaces & a 3-level car park flanked by 9 office towers and a hotel tower. 
The 9 Office Towers are arranged in two groups, with Towers varying in height from 18 to 47 floors. The 9 Office Towers are grouped to provide a single drop-off to serve each group of three towers. The formal VIP drop-off court is also located in the southern portion of the site for special occasions to allow direct access to the conference centre or main atrium of the development. The hotel and the conference centre are located in the eastern section of the site and accessed by a dedicated drop-off. The hotel also has a 5-level podium that accommodates public spaces like lobbies, ballroom & meeting rooms, restaurants, a Turkish bath, etc. The hotel tower includes 25 guest room floors & MEP spaces. The northern corners of the site are used by an electrical substation and energy centre producing 75MW of cooling capacity. 
All in all, 696,000 m² will be built over 48 months. BYME Qatar is undertaking the construction, design, procurement, installation, testing and commissioning of all building services for the entire project.
Organisational challenge

The main challenge of this project regardless of its size is its organisation. More than 2,400 people will be working on the MEP component of the QP District project at peak times. A full in-house engineering and production organisation has been implemented, ensuring that the project is handled with an exceptionally high standard of management and supervision. In order to cope with production demands, a pre-fabrication workshop has been set up to supply all the site preparation works, starting from prefabricating piping all the way to supporting manufacturing, covering a surface of 3,000 sqm along with 5,200 sqm of storage area.

Key data
  • Construction period: 2009 to 2014
  • Client: Qatar Petroleum
  • Architect: KEO International Consultants
  • Award: QSAS Certificate
  • Type of contract: Build
  • Scope of works: Full MEP package
  • Gross Floor Area: 696,000 m²