TelecityGroup Paris 3 - BYES

TelecityGroup Paris 3 - BYES

Paris, France

Technical excellence and eco-efficiency

TelecityGroup Paris 3 (Condorcet) is a state-of-the-art green field data centre designed to offer maximum network resilience and flexibility. Its premium infrastructure offers unrivalled service continuity guarantees and is marketed as the most technically advanced and efficient data centre in Europe. Paris 3 was voted the “Best European Data Centre” at the 2010 Data Centre Europe Awards.
BYME’s sister company BYES (Bouygues Energies & Services) was appointed as the design & build main contractor and MEP specialist contractor for Paris 3. The centre offers 3,400 m² of IT space and provides 14 MW of total redundant power including 6.4 MW of customer power. The data centre’s design is based on a dual site model with two separate and independent sections. It provides a power density of approximately 2kW/m² and has a high density area providing up to 30 kW per rack. Technical excellence was the primary concern when designing the facility and is the primary focus for the facility operations.                                                                                     
Technical expertise

The Paris 3 data centre is based on a Tier 4-type design to provide the very highest levels of redundancy and resilience, ensuring business continuity in all situations. For instance, the data centre features a power supply system of 14 MW on direct dual power feeds from two separate EDF substations, a double HV distribution system, two geographically-opposed incoming HV substations, a 2N redundancy customer supply architecture for transformers and generators, 72-hour autonomy for generators running at full capacity, and 6.4 MW of customer power in 2(N+1) configuration.

Key data
  • Construction period: 2009 to 2010
  • Client: TelecityGroup
  • Architect: MBA Architecture
  • Award: Data Centre Europe Awards “Best European Data Centre”
  • Type of contract: Design & Build
  • Scope of works: Main contract + Full MEP package
  • Gross Floor Area: 11,500 m²
  • IT space: 3,400 m²