Value Engineering

Value creation in the early phases
of a project.

Drawing inspiration from the passion and knowledge of our teams

At BYME, we are inspired by challenging questions. That’s why we like taking different and innovative approaches to help our clients increase the value of their projects, by either improving functions and / or by reducing costs.

Our in-house engineering team composed of 265 staff spread across five locations is fully committed to finding optimised integrated solutions that meet your budget, energy efficiency and comfort targets. 

At your request, our in-house design management team will work alongside yours and coordinate jointly selected consultants. Our design managers act as bandmasters: they ensure that deliverables are met and that design optimisation, risk analysis and equipment selection are all carried out appropriately.

MEP design requires considerable technical know-how. Under our management, engineers and technical experts come together to bring life to your projects within budget. Furthermore, we are working at the forefront of modern MEP technologies, as we use integrated BIM processes.

Sports Hub

Bearing in mind capital and operating expenditures, BYME contributed a tremendous amount of value engineering to the design of the Sports Hub. The value of each system’s output was meticulously analyzed and optimised by crafting a first-class blend of performance and costs.

  • Mechanical trades: use of standard 1 MW Turbocor chillers, optimisation of the thermal storage capacity, replacement of the main condensing loop in galvanised steel pipe by HDPE, replacement of the chiller plant rooms’ ventilation system by FCU, connection of the IT room water-cooled package to the electrical backup, provision of fresh air supply for cassettes and FCU, integration of the control panel in all HVAC equipments at manufacturing stage.
  • Electrical trades: reduction of HT distribution architecture from 4 loops to 3 loops, replacement of HT copper cables by aluminium, replacement of LV distribution cables by bus ducts, replacement of central battery emergency lighting by battery-backed lighting.